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Blue Eggs and Spring Cookies

March 3, 2011

Its March! Spring is so close and Baltimore is beginning to thaw. No longer is that biting chill seeping under hats, scarves, multiple layers and ski jackets. Its still a little chilly, but when the sun is out, and you have a light jacket on, you can feel spring happening.

This post is less about recipes and more about the free-range eggs I am getting from a friend, which is one of the exciting highlights of the last week. First of all, they are blue. More light blue, as if they have been dropped into blue dye for a second or two and then removed. So cool. The eggs themselves are really great. If anyone has ever compared the difference between pastured, free range or organic eggs and regular “grocery store” eggs, its usually noticeable. Obviously, the idea of organic and free range and cage free all have their own faults, so I usually try to buy from the farmers market. The biggest test is usually the height and color of the egg yolk when it is cracked (into a frying pan, preferably, with some bacon). Basically, if the yolk holds its shape and is a darker yellow, it has more nutrition (and I think tastes better, but that could all be in my head). So when I heard that my friend was giving away eggs from his Araucanas or “Easter Chickens,” I brought my carton in to get some.

The other day, I fried two, and they are really tasty.

This morning I used them in my new cookies for SteakBakes, photos of which I will shamelessly plug into this post.

Its crazy how much information is available and also changing every day about what food we should eat, whats bad for us, what organic really means, and where our food is coming from (usually continents away). Its all a little bit overwhelming. A few months ago, I read Micheal Pollan’s The Omnivores Dilemma and it was awesome. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in where most of our food comes from. (Its a little bit more informative and less gory than Food Inc, which is a slightly depressing documentary about factory farming). I also realized how hopeless I would be if I took everything to heart and really tried to eliminate everything “bad” from food that I buy in the grocery store today. Sadly, factory production and factory farming is just too large for anything else to really compete on an economic standpoint. I briefly mentioned Mark Bittman’s Food Matters in one of my first posts. He basically says that certain things are unavoidable so what you should really try to do is eat a lot of vegetables, and try to avoid processed food, but don’t stress about totally eliminating it. That makes the best sense to me. Ideally, I try to buy locally, and the farmer’s market is awesome and pretty cheap. I try to shop at Eddie’s, a locally owned grocery in Baltimore, it often has local meats, dairy products, pasta, breads and vegetables. So the blue eggs are exciting, partially because they are free, but mainly because they are from chickens that run around my friend’s front yard, not too far from my apartment in Baltimore.

And just for a teaser, here are the new SteakBake’s cookies I came up with for spring. They aren’t in the store yet, but they will be soon!

Lemon, basil & white chocolate chip.


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