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Garden Salads, Pesto Crackers and Wasabi Cookies!

May 26, 2011

This post is sort of a random collection of eats.

Beginning with my lunch: a simple salad made with lettuces from my garden!

After a few weeks of prodding, the baby lettuces finally grew up! I’ve harvested a few salads from them and most of the plants are holding up. A few are beginning to go to seed, but I expect a lot more salads in my future! And yes, those are apples..I think chopped apples add a nice crunch and a little satisfying sweetness, especially with a balsamic dressing.

Also, an addendum to the sourdough crackers I made last month. My mother tried putting pesto in them, and I tried her recipe. Basically, you halve the butter (to 2 Tbsp) and add 3 Tbsp pesto. They have a great flavor and I have been snacking on them straight from the bag.

And finally: not a recipe (as a girl can’t give away ALL her secrets) but an update, on the newest flavor for SteakBakes: Wasabi and Candied Ginger Cookies. They are still in need of perfecting, as I think they are a little too sweet and the Wasabi is only barely there, but I have a pretty good idea. Plus, I altered some amounts to my standard dough and got a bit thicker, chewy cookie. I also created Double Chocolate Cayenne cookies, though I don’t have photos yet. They were fantastically spicy. I think Ill have to give a spicy and mild option in the order form. Yum!


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