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Homemade Hummus: Almost Easier than Making Art with Cats

October 10, 2011

Apparently we are on a trend. Recipes in which we can use Mom’s crackers as another object in the photo. Since this is their third appearance this week, let me say that Mom makes these: sourdough crackers, but she makes them with 1/4 cup of pesto instead of the butter and she tops them with a secret blends of spices (I believe salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder) before baking. They are excellent. We can’t get enough of them. In fact, I think we are starting to make things specifically to be accompanied by these crackers. Needless to say, there is frequently a batch in the making.

Today, after enjoying Gyros for lunch at Papoulis and eying their excellent bowl of hummus behind the counter, we decided to make some for pre-dinner snacking (or maybe we’ll just call it crackering from now on). We’ve made this hummus a few times in the last few weeks and it is excellent, and: EASY.


1 Can chick peas (garbanzo beans)

juice of one lemon

1 Tbps olive oil

2-3 cloves garlic


Drain beans but reserve the juices.  Toss garlic into a food processor (or the Ninja, which is the best kitchen invention in the last decade) and pulse to chop. Add beans, lemon juice and olive oil. Blend until smooth. Add bean liquid in a Tbsp at a time until the consistency is how you like it.

Hello, easy. We usually put outs straight into a tupperware for serving/storing. It is excellent as it is, but we also like to put some hot sauce in the middle. Today, I used three garlic cloves…extra garlicky. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can basically do what you want flavor wise, add some olive tapanade to the top or some minced garlic in oil or sun-dried tomatoes.

Like I said: EASY. Easier than cat art..?


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