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Soups ON!

November 20, 2011

The last few days have been iced over snow and 20 degrees…the sun goes down at 4:30 and it is well below freezing. I have also been taking the bus…everywhere. The bus in Steamboat is amazing, because it is FREE. It is relatively on time and comes every 20 minutes. It also manages to drop me off at both places of work exactly 2 minutes early. So it’s great! Until it is a few minutes late and I think I might freeze to death waiting on it…and lets not go into the seven loooong minutes it takes me to walk up the hill from my stop to my warm living room.

Ok, its not that  bad..but it does make me crave a warm fire and some tasty soup. Hence, soup is on. I warned you it was going to be a soup-filled season. So here is the latest…and we’ll just call this one DIY Soup.

DIY Soup:

to start:

2 Tbsp olive oil

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 onion, chopped

Spices: thyme, oregano, parsley, pepper, basil, crushed red pepper (ok…really just whatever you like)

6 cups of water

1 can vegetable broth

to customize:

1-2 potatos, sweet or white and chopped (i used sweet)

1 16oz package frozen mixed veggies (i used corn, peas, beans and carrots)

8oz dry pasta of your choice (I used sweet potato papardelle)


Heat oil in a large pot and add onion, garlic and spices. Cook 5 or so minutes until fragrant. Add water and broth and bring to boil. Pour in veggies, boil for 10 minutes. Add pasta and continue to boil until the pasta is done. Voila!

The BEST part of this soup: you can do anything. You can make it with veggies from a fridge clean-out, or you can keep a package of frozen veggies on hand to make it for a quick weeknight meal. For me, the 16oz packages of frozen veggies were on sale for $1 each at CityMarket…so I bought a few packs of them figuring I’d use them eventually. Anyways, feel free to add and subtract ingredients at will. Like I said, the greatest thing about this recipe.

I also happen to love soup with pasta in it…it stretches the soup out to make it a bit heartier (especially for us meatless eaters). I am sure this would also be an excellent way to make a chicken soup. In that case, I would cook the chopped up chicken with the onion/garlic and then add the water and broth etc.

So if you’re craving some soup…forage the fridge/freezer for some leftover veggies and youll have a great meal in less than 30minutes!

“uh Mom? How do I get down?”


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