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Valentine’s Day Treats!

February 14, 2012


It is finally falling and it is beautiful! White and wonderful. Mmm. Happy Valentine’s Day Steamboat! ❤

AND since it is Valentine’s Day, I present you with my Valentine’s Day goodies! I spent the morning creating these tasty yummies and finishing up Dean Koontz’s The Taking. Gotta love a good book and a warm fire and the smell of things baking…

Anyways, I am sure you have heard of these: Cake Balls. Though I ended up struggling a bit with the chocolate coating which sounds simple but turns into a big goopy mess.. so they became Mini-Cake-Cups. Super easy, super tasty, super fun.


2 boxes cake mix (prepared as directed)

1 16oz container prepared icing

2-3 Packages of Bakers chocolate or a few bags of Candy Melts


Makes about 100

Feel free to half the recipe. Prepare cakes as the boxes direct and let cool (I used white cake, as I wanted to add pink food coloring). Crumble cakes finely into a large bowl and mix with the container of frosting. If it is not quite wet enough to form a doughy consistency add water 1 Tbsp at a time (constantly test it out by making a ball with it,you do not want to let it get too wet). I added about 5Tbsp. Roll the dough into 1″ balls and place in freezer or refrigerator for 20-30min. The cooler they are, the better they stay together when you dip them. Heat chocolate or candy coating and dip each ball into it using a fork to remove. Place on cookie sheets to harden. I dropped them right in the mini-cupcake wrappers, just to keep them a bit cleaner and easier to give as gifts. If you plan to use them for a pot-luck you can wait til they harden and just toss them all in a big bowl.


I experimented with colorful candy coatings and white and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate coating was my favorite..they basically tasted like those cake-y chocolate frosted donuts. Mmmmm.

^Wrapped and ready to be delivered!


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