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June Foodie Penpal and Music!

June 30, 2012


I am especially excited to be posting today as it is my first month participating in the Foodie Pen Pal program that Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean heads up each month. I read about FPP on Jordyn’s blog, and it sounded super cool. Basically, you sign up, and Lindsay pairs everyone off with a person to mail goodies to and a person from which to receive goodies! Awesome. So here I am!

The deal is that everyone attempts to keep their package cost around $15 and that everyone mails their package on the 15th of the month so that the recipients have time to enjoy them before the reveal day, which is on the 30th. Sounded pretty easy to do..though I confess I still managed to mail mine late. Thank god for priority 3-day shipping!

Anyways, I got my package from Leslie (on time) and was eager to open it. She sent me so many great things!

Along with a nice note, Leslie sent me a recipe for Mahnamin Porridge, which she uses both the wild rice and the maple syrup. I’m pretty stoked to try the porridge recipe.

She sent: Go Raw Live Granola Bars. Two of them…but one didn’t last long enough to make an appearance in the photo..they are super tasty! They are sweet enough to cure a sugar craving, but not too sweet and they have some protein in them, so I think I might start packing them in my lunches for that mid afternoon slump. Homemade Muesli. And some serving suggestions for it. She said she gets the wild rice mix from a local store in bulk, which is cool. And- Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter in little to-go bags. I love it…soo tasty and super convenient for packed lunches!

**Did I mention yet that working at camp we have to pack our lunch? I have been having a hard time packing enough food to eat for lunch and also snack on throughout the day, which is 7:30-5:30. Mainly, just because the day is so long, I need to find more snack type foods to munch on. I am clearly out of lunch-packing practice…

Leslie managed to pack so much in this box, I am way impressed. I have already finished both of the Honest Teas that she sent, which were excellent and actually tasted like tea and not super sugary soda. And she sent Maple Syrup from her hometown and some Agave Nectar, which she suggested putting on the muesli.

All in all, it was a great haul!

I want to say THANKYOU! to Leslie for mailing me these great goodies and also to Lindsay for organizing this cool project!

And, because this post is short and sweet, I figured I’ll leave you with a little playlist:

1. Some Nights- Fun.

2. In the End- Linkin Park

3. Dirt Road Anthem- Jason Aldean

4. Honey Bee- Blake Shelton

5. The Flight of Apollo- Angels and Airwaves

6. Ray Charles- Chiddy Bang

7. Say Something – Ian Axel

8. Orange Blossoms- JJ Grey & Mofro

9. Cameras- Matt & Kim

10. Round Here- Counting Crows

11.  Dog Days Are Over- Florence and the Machine

12. Crack the Shutters- Snow Patrol

Have a great weekend!

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