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Beef Stroganoff in Chicago!

September 18, 2012

Fall is here in the mountains! And- it’s amazing. It seemed to happen overnight. Or at least it happened while I was away. Now I’m back and looking forward to the excellent hiking weather and wonderful views! More to come on fall. But for now, I have a few more adventures to regale you all with before introducing one of my all time favorite dishes.

Chicago! Well, a roadtrip from Steamboat to Chicago, by way of Omaha. With some great people! And then, I spent Labor Day weekend with Allison, Brooke and their family. I explored Chicago solo for a couple of days and then we headed down to Culver, Indiana where the girls’ family lives on the lake. Chicago was awesome! The architecture is incredible. I walked all over, spent an afternoon in the Museum of the Art Institute and an afternoon on the beach of Lake Michigan. SO. AMAZING. I forgot how much I missed art museums, and also the beach, while living all the way up here in Northwest CO.

In Culver, we explored the town, kayaked down the Tippecanoe River, BBQed, boated and spent a few rainy days inside. Hurricane Isaac’s remains didn’t dampen our spirits too much though! On Saturday night, we decided to make dinner in lieu of going out in the deluge. So we hopped down to the store and bought some dinner supplies before huddling down to watch The Lucky One, you know, that movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book..we cried. And then we made some Beef Strog.

My mom used to make this a lot, and it is one of my all time favorites. Also, perfect for a small group of girls watching movies on a rainy evening!

^Photo courtesy of Brooke…

Beef Stroganoff:

1 Tbsp oil

1-2 cloves garlic, crushed

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 onion, chopped

1 lbs ground chuck

1 can condensed cream of chicken soup

1 pint mushrooms

1 1/2 cups sour cream

Egg noodles or rice for serving

Directions: Start noodles to boil in their own pot. In a medium pot, heat oil and add onions, garlic salt and pepper. Cook until onion begin to soften and add chuck. Cook until browned. Stir in soup and mushrooms and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add sour cream and stir until stroganoff is heated through. Serve over noodles or rice (I prefer noodles)

Mmmm! Allison and Brooke whipped up some garlic bread and a tasty spinach salad with peppers, strawberries and goat’s cheese. A pretty great dinner!


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