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Shrimp and Grits and the Holidays!

December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays! Maybe the best time of year. I’ve been slacking on my posts, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite go-to dishes with y’all. I make Shrimp and Grits a few times a month because it is cheap, grits…shrimp..cheese.  And easily on hand (I keep shrimp in the freezer and grits in the pantry..). It is also pretty easy and diverse. I usually like to splurge on a yummy cheese like smoked gouda or sharp sharp cheddar…but you can also just use regular shredded cheddar.

So here it is. Short and sweet!IMG_7242

Shrimp and Grits:

For the Grits:

1/2 cup dry grits

1 cup water

1/2 cup milk

1/4 cup shredded cheese

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

For the Shrimp:

10-12 shrimp, peeled

1 Tbsp butter

1/2 tsp parsley

1/4 tsp garlic powder

a pinch of parsley

salt and pepper to taste

Directions: In a small pot, heat water and add grits once it starts to boil. Stir well to make sure they don’t stick and add milk. Turn heat to low and let simmer, stirring occasionally. Now, in a medium pan, heat oil over medium heat. Make sure the pan gets hot before you add the shrimp (they should sizzle when they hit the surface). sprinkle spices over the shrimp and cook on each side for 3-4 minutes. Its super easy to over-do shrimp, so once one side is getting pink, flip them. Add cheese to the grits, make sure it is melted in and divide the grits into two bowls. Spoon shrimp over the grits and drizzle anything left in the pan on top. Voila!IMG_7239

Another great thing about this recipe is it can easily be made for one, or five. Excellent! It’s definitely a dinner dish for me, but plenty of people enjoy it for brunch. Its pretty hearty, so it’ll do for both!

On another quick note, I went down to Austin to visit Alden and Scott for Thanksgiving. Ella came down as well and we had a blast! I also spent a few days with my friend Dave road tripping back from Austin up through New Mexico back to Colorado. West Texas was pretty boring, but New Mexico and the Rockies were excellent! Here are a few great photos. Enjoy!IMG_6963 IMG_6950IMG_7027 IMG_7021IMG_6991 IMG_7060IMG_7223 IMG_7207

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